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The LAPD RPG is a collaborative fictional writing group based on the Los Angeles Police Department. While we strive to have the most realistic writing possible, we take some artistic license to make some things work for our purposes and structure. Our writing objective is to explore the day-to-day life of officers on patrol and detectives assigned to the community police station. While we will touch on the changes in the movement to constitutional policing and the reforms being brought forward, this is not a political sim. We seek to highlight the positivity of good policing and the lives of our characters.

The setting of our writing is based on the 77th Street Division of the LAPD and the spring of 2023. The focus of our first episode will be getting to know the patrol officers and going through May on and off duty. Our second episode will focus on introducing our detectives as we continue to slowly grow and expand our community (patrol will continue). Our third episode will explore a more concentrated major crime that is dealt with by patrol and detectives together.

All members of our community must be eighteen years of age or older. This is an SPC Sim, and all members are required to be a part of our discord server.

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with the LAPD, the City of Los Angeles, or any government agency. This is a purely fictional creative work, and any similarities to events/happenings are coincidental. For official LAPD information, please view their website.

Latest News Items

» Getting Started

Posted on Fri Sep 23rd, 2022 @ 4:19pm by Sergeant II Russell Nell in Sim Announcement

Good morning LAPD! I am very excited to be writing this announcement to everyone. We will be starting a soft start of the LAPD sim. So this email, followed by an opening post from me and an opening joint post going out to everyone, is how we will begin writing on the sim. Once we've completed our inaugural joint post which will be a morning role call you will be free to opst on your own. This episode outside of the normal activity requirements have requirements of its own. EVERY patrol character must be featured in at least two ON-duty posts and one OFF-duty post. You are certainly free to do more but that will be the minimum before this episode comes to a close. I do not currently have a date in mind on when the episode will close but episodes on LAPD are meant to be shorter in nature and sometimes will feature a calendar range for open writing or sometimes will be much more what we would conisder an "episode" with a directly focused case or event with the 77th Street.

Every member of the sim will be working as part of the same watch or platoon and therefore will have identical schedules. The schedule is posted on the website in the episode notes as well as a google document with the list of assignments for everyone and as well as a list of patrol notes that are important to know for the current episode. Generally the document will remain the same changing only as membership changes throughout an episode but it is a living breathing thing so I will call out updates made to it.

So how will we build up our community? We will be expanding LAPD in phases and this first episode is going to be launching patrol operations. Every member who is an LAPD employee must have an active patrol character otherwise we wouldn't have a patrol division everyone generally wants to do the extra fun things. While that is fair and we certainly will open up the opportunities to do so we need to make sure that our patrol division which is the main facing front of the LAPD is active and strong. Our second episode will be launching our detectives as well as some other NPC opportunities.

So how will we grow our patrol division? Well as of now we have a solitary supervisor who is our watch commander and will remain so. We have a single Senior Lead Officer who is the community coordinator for the active Reporting Districts (RDs) that we will be using in character. They are sort of like a juinor supervisor but also a direct contact that anyone in their assigned neighborhoods/RDs can reach out to with a department issued cell phone and publicly published number and email. The SLOs will enjoy some other perks along the way. We are currently only one patrol officer away from completely filling our first cooridinated area. Once we fill our first coordinated area we will make the next unit an enhancement unit into our existing working RDs. Once we have a couple units to fill our new coordinated are we will allow a promotion to SLO or a new member to apply for an SLO position and we will build up new areas and allow promotions including eventually the addition of a new sergeant prior to opening our third SLO. Detectives will grow similary with various supervisory and lead positions opening as our number of detectives grow.

Another item of note is that officers cannot work an overtime shift or take paid time off without approval! This process will be a bit of a cross between IC and OOC. All requests for overtime and PTO must be submit via nova DM to me (SGTII Nell). They will be approved or denied and added to the calendar on the website as appropriate. Moving forward it will likely occur as I am planning an episode so that it can be placed on the character head of time. I will note that there are some OT opportunities on the calendar already and that we are not accepting PTO for the month of May. Officers are required to be on/off duty as scheduled on the calendar unless otherwise approved by the GM or by an action IC with an order or approval from a supervisor.

For our Cameo Team I will be assigning some calls to various units and I will be including you guys with an NPC assignment. You are of course free to coordinate with anyone to do whatever additional posts you would like.

That being said I am very excited about the sim moving forward! Check out our database for important links and a few important canon articles. Some things are completely still works in progress so please ask in #lapd if you have a question!

See you on the streets.

Latest Scenes

» Training Day

Episode: Episode One: 77th Street
Posted on Tue Nov 15th, 2022 @ 2:32am by Police Officer III Miguel De Leon & Police Officer I Peter Nixon

Having told Nixon to draw the patrol bag and shotgun along with the rest of his gear, Miguel clipped his radio shoulder mic after making sure the battery was fully charged. He then attached his body camera to his chest and waited by the door to the motor pool for…

» Red Zone

Episode: Episode One: 77th Street
Posted on Wed Nov 2nd, 2022 @ 1:47am by Police Officer III Brianna Duff

Brianna had setup her shop and went through her daily vehicle check list. She signed herself into her mobile data terminal or MDT. It was the access to the 911 Computer Aided Dispatch system, the LAPD internal records system, NCIC, and NLETS. It was the way she could run criminal…

» Saddle Up

Episode: Episode One: 77th Street
Posted on Wed Nov 2nd, 2022 @ 1:27am by Police Officer I Avery Mortimer & Police Officer III Elijah Gillett

Eli leaned easily against the back quarter panel of Unit 55. Technically a Ford Police Interceptor Utility, it was based on the Explorer body style and kitted out for law enforcement with enough technology that it took a little getting used to.

He checked his watch then looked around the…

» Role Call

Episode: Episode One: 77th Street
Posted on Fri Oct 7th, 2022 @ 3:25pm by Captain Benjamin Bahe & Sergeant II Russell Nell & Police Officer III Brianna Duff & Police Officer III+I Leela Shivali & Police Officer III Elijah Gillett & Police Officer III Arran Jaqobis & Police Officer III Miguel De Leon & Police Officer II Leonid Chaban & Police Officer II Anistyn Rhineholt & Police Officer I Avery Mortimer & Police Officer I Peter Nixon

"Front row boot," POIII Duff said, the tone of her voice made it clear that this was an order. Today was the first day for the 77th Street's newest officer. All POIs sat in the front row during the morning briefing unlike the other officers who had their pick of…

» Day Watch Blues

Episode: Episode One: 77th Street
Posted on Fri Sep 23rd, 2022 @ 5:21pm by Sergeant II Russell Nell

"Fuck," Russ grumbled as his back cracked. He was not a morning person and his body which was starting to feel a bit older than he'd like before he had a chance to get to the gym and stretch fighting against the movement didn't help. Russel Nell was a night…